Nesting Bags

Handy Nesting Bags have a small bag inside the larger one. This gives you 3 compartments divided by plush softness to keep your phone, glasses, pens, vaper, keys, coins or whatever all separate and safe.

Each bag comes with a strap, but with the little clips you can swap out the strap for a different one or attach your nesting bag to your main purse for easy access to your phone.

All bags are $25 with free shipping in Canada

I only accept Canadian orders.

 $25 CASH ONLY :

Penny Will
P.O. Box 71
St Thomas, Ontario, Canada
N5P 3T5

Email me to reserve your bag today:


'Bear Deer Wildlife'
bear deer wildlife

'Blue Deer Red Stripe'
Blue Deer Red Stripe

'70s Flowers'

'Blue Yellow puzzle pattern'
Blue Yellow puzzle pattern

'Dark Elephant'
Dark Elephant

'Silly Cats'
silly cats


'Gray and Yellow'
grey and yellow


'Party Time'
Party Time


'Silly Sheep'
Silly Sheep

'Sheet Music'
Sheet Music

'Green and Gold'
Green and Gold


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